The world “hostel” makes many people think of small, dingy hotels in western Europe…or possibly a very violent Eli Roth movie. The truth is, hostels can be a wonderful place to stay during a trip. More often than not, they are inexpensive. Not only that, but if you look hard enough, you can find truly wonderful places — like Book And Bed Tokyo.

According to their website, Book And Bed is “an accommodation bookshop.”



Getting a good night’s rest isn’t necessarily the most important thing at this hostel.

Instead, the focus is on enjoying the city, exploring, and reading “just a little more” before bed.



“Our concept is thus a reader’s haven – an accommodation bookshop. (Books aren’t sold, though. It’s just an expression.) Dozing off obliviously during your treasured pastime is the finest ‘moment of sleep,’ don’t you agree?”

A Compact shelf compartment is 80.7 x 33.5 inches and the Standard is 80.7 x 50.8 inches.


The “rooms” will run anywhere between $32 and $50 per night, depending on the size.


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