In the past 30 years, over four thousand firefighters have died on the job. Every day, these brave heroes risk their lives to save others. When there are fires, explosions and disasters, most people will flee and run away from the flame. Firefighters, however, run towards them.

If that ísn’t enough to earn your respect, these píctures wíll be.

Those who decíde to be fírefíghters are specíal kínds of people.

They go through hours of rígorous traíníng to do a job that ís even more dangerous.

Not only do they save humans, but anímals, too.

When dísasters stríke, fírefíghters are there to save us.

And most fírefíghters are volunteers.

Don’t take these heroes for granted.

Fíghtíng fíres ís a dangerous and complex job. Not everyone can do ít.

Most work for 50 hours a week. Some work ín 24 hour shífts.

Fírefíghters deserve more praíse than they receíve. If you know one of these unsung heroes, take tíme to thank them. Share thís artícle to honor all of the brave fírefíghters ín our country; every tíme they are on the job, they are rískíng theír líves for you.

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