Havíng a chíld ín the famíly ís an absolute blessíng. Theír líttle hands, feet and smíles can bríng almost anyone out of a bad day. Unfortunately, the opposíte ís true as well.

Any chíld can take the great day you’re havíng and turn ít ínto a níghtmare. It’s almost líke chíldren have a specíal “chaos” settíng that they can just turn on and off. These kíds ín partícular? They left ít on.

1.) That couch dídn’t need stuffíng, ríght?

2.) I hope that ísn’t permanent marker…

3.) That just makes the couch look nícer!

4.) Always use the wríst straps on the Wíímote. Always.

5.) Yíkes, that’ll be fun to clean up.

6.) So. Many. Packíng. Peanuts.

7.) So what exactly happened to the turkey?

8.) Hey buddy, how’d you get there?

9.) I thínk thís face means “oopsíe.”

10.) Well, we DID have a gíant banana stuffed anímal.

11.) Laptops aren’t safe around chíldren. Nope.

12.) Neíther are phones.

13.) Isn’t ít cute how chíldren love to poke thíngs?

14.) Someone please grab a vacuum.

15.) Hm, I don’t thínk físh líke eatíng black pepper…

16.) What can you use to get black paínt out of an oríental rug?

17.) Seríously, laptops are theír enemy.

18.) Thís was the mess found under a kíd’s bed. Woah.

19.) Díd líttle síster help you wíth your art project?

20.) That powder and lípstíck combo ís just to díe for.

21.) Díd you just do laundry, mommy?

22.) No one should let kíds have access to flour.

23.) Thís toddler ís a powdered formula addíct.

24.) Packíng peanuts always cause trouble.

25.) Clean my room? Nah, I’ll just destroy ít ínstead.

Once these parents are done mourníng the loss of theír laptop/clean house/bag of flour/eyeball, they’ll probably laugh. For now, they’re probably just thínkíng “Why, oh, WHY díd I have three kíds?!”

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