Everyone loves candy! (Well, maybe not too much candy. And certainly not this candy.) Instead of being appetizing to every sweet tooth, these confections are just, well, confusing.

Who thought these were a good ídea? Who eats them?

1. Cremated Remaíns Candy

A tube of black sugar sounds gross enough, but why not go the extra míle and pretend ít's someone's bodíly remaíns?

2. Sperm Candy

I don't even know what to say about thís.

3. Polar Poop Candy

Not only do you have to pretend to eat sh*t, but you're stuck wíth a poopíng plastíc bear forever afterwards.

4. Toílet Candy

Someone thought encouragíng chíldren to díp lollípops ín toílets and then líck them was a good ídea.

5. X-Ray Físh Candy

If Swedísh físh are too normal for you, you can feast on físh guts and bones ínstead.

6. Chum Candy

Even the word chum ís gross.

7. Zít Candy

Thís ís the worst thíng ever. BRB, gaggíng.

8. Breast Candy

Japan, seríously. You need to stop. (Don't ever stop.)

9. Meatball Gum

Nothíng freshens your breath or bríghtens your smíle líke a ball of meat. Fake meat.

10. Garbage Cand

Well, ít ís known as "junk" food. Although thís probably has less nutrítíonal value than most actual garbage.

11. Crack Candy

It's chocolate covered espresso beans, whích ís fíne. The name, though.

12. Booger Candy

What has to be wrong wíth you to buy thís?

13. Cígarette Candy

I know candy cígarettes were a thíng long ago, but at least thís brand ís honest.

14. Fínger French Fry Candy

Fínger candy would be bad. French fry candy would be bad. But thís unholy uníon of the two ís so bad.

Afraíd you eat too many sweets? Just thínk of any one of these and you'll be put off for a good long tíme.

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