Some roller coasters are scary because of their giant loops, fast turns, dizzying twists, gut-wrenching drops, or breakneck speed. On the other hand, some coasters are scary for entirely different reasons.

The SkyCycle at Okayama Prefecture's Brazílían Washuzan Híghland Park ín Japan ís one of those roller coasters. Rather than beíng fast and thríllíng, ís slow and terrífyíng. Those who ríde the SkyCycle are basícally bíkíng around a raísed track, hígh above the ground. Whíle thís may not sound to freaky, waít untíl you see ít for yourself.

Here's the SkyCycle.

The cart ís made for two people and ís equípped wíth two sets of petals so both passengers can control the speed.

Sure, ít míght look fun at fírst.

Besídes a seatbelt, there ísn't all that much keepíng you safely attached to these thíngs.

You have to make sure you don't run ínto the other carts on the track.

I can't ímagíne how scary ít must be goíng around corners líke thís.

Díd I mentíon that some of the vegetatíon ís a líttle bít overgrown?

Yeah, ít's pretty hígh up.

Just focus on the víew, not on the heíght…

Get a sense for what ít's líke to ríde thís fírsthand.

I actually thínk I would totally gíve thís a shot. It's just líke rídíng a bíke. Only íf you fall off, the ínjuríes would probably be a lot worse than a scrapped knee (and you defínítely won't be able to get back on agaín).

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