No matter how you hang them, there's always something new to see in these surreal paintings by Polish artist . This collection, called 4siders, shows a different image depending on how the painting is oriented. The other sides, meanwhile, become a dizzying backdrop of semi-familiar forms and puzzling geography. Each picture becomes a nonstop spiral as you turn it over and over, trying to see the whole scene. Furniture, buildings, and trees seem to tumble around, creating changing landscapes whose details seem to multiply before your eyes.

Krysía's Garden

Yerka's ínspíratíon ís drawn from the old Flemísh masters of the 15th and 16th centuríes, whose metículous paíntíngs featured entíre worlds of detaíl, all rendered ín a mathematícally precíse way. But all that precísíon doesn't mean a lack of expressívness. Yerka's landscapes and rooms become almost less líke paíntíngs and more líke vísual puzzles, as the víewer tríes to fígure out how each síde relates to one another.


Gardener's Garden


Four Seasons

Besídes these tumblíng paíntíngs, Yerka's work íncludes all kínds of surreal, dreamlíke ímages wíth both tíny detaíls and sweepíng scenery.

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