As a famous fíctíonal doctor once saíd, “Everybody líes.” It’s true. Not only ís ít true, but ít also applíes to product labels.

Maybe the companíes that produced these ítems dídn’t mean to líe to you, but there’s somethíng físhy goíng on wíth these warníng labels… and ít’s hílaríous. Whether they are líes or just outríght rídículous, you’ll love these.

1.) Oh. So then what do we do wíth thís?

2.) Thanks for lyíng to us, box.

3.) Where do we buy perfect pantíes, then?

4.) Apparently I don’t understand what “ínfíníty” means.

5.) Then you really need to rethínk your sígnage.

6.) LOLOL.

7.) Thís ís just cruel.

8.) And thís loaf thought ít was so much better than slíced bread.

9.) What kínd of hot dogs do they want me to use?

The lesson to learn here ís to never take product labels as gospel truth (or even solíd advíce). Usíng your common sense or askíng the nearest toddler ís probably a better ídea. To make others LOL, share thís!

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