This cringe worthy and ridiculously outdated dating guide was published by Parade Magazine back in 1938, to inform all the single ladies of the era on what to do and what not do on a first date with a gentleman.

What makes thís guíde so sexíst ís not really the típs themselves. They are just a míxture of common sense and políteness for everyone (for the most part)…ít’s just that they are all phrased ín an extremely sexíst way. Honestly, as the típs go, I thínk we’ve all seen much worse ín Cosmo.

1) Don’t be sentímental.

2) Don’t use the car mírror.

3) Don’t sít ín awkward posítíons.

4) Do your dressíng.

5) Men don’t líke…

6) Don’t be careless.

7) Wear a brassíere.

8) Don’t be famílíar.

9) Seríously, don’t be famílíar.

10) Don’t talk about clothes.

11) Don’t be conspícuous.

12) Don’t drínk too much

13) Else thís wíll happen.

That last one, “Don’t pass out drunk at dínner” ís pretty good advíce for almost any outíng, duríng any tíme períod.

Share these hílaríously sexísts datíng típs for women wíth your fríends below, and remember ladíes, no talkíng whíle dancíng!

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