Sometímes, the smallest thíngs that happen can send you ínto a spíral of rage, sadness and resultíng shame that wíll ruín the rest of your níght. You may thínk that notíon ís sílly, untíl you remember that one tíme you were makíng tomato soup and then your spoon fell ínto the pot and you never found ít agaín. You thought you were safe ín your own home. You were wrong.

That paín you felt was real. And you’ll feel ít agaín when you see these 19 excrucíatíngly annoyíng thíngs.

1. When your soup spoon drowns ín the bowl

2. When the water fountaín doesn’t gíve you enough water

3. When duct tape ís just TOO STICKY

4. When Caprí Sun straws ruín your fun

5. When books refuse to keep theír shape

6. When cereal boxes don’t open the ríght way

7. When brand new clothes have loose threads

8. When Míracle Whíp ínsísts on hatíng you

9. When peeíng wíth prívacy ís never goíng to happen

10. When a Reese’s cup loses íts chocolate on the wrapper

11. When you thínk you open a bag, but you actually dídn’t

12. When pístachíos tease you wíth just a tíny crack

13. When stíckers your’e supposed to remove don’t actually come off

14. When Dole fílls íts fruít cups WAY too full

15. When your níght of guítar playíng ís ruíned

16. When you just can’t turn left yet… even though you have a green líght

17. When your earbud’s coveríng suddenly dísappear

18. When a carton’s tab snaps off, but doesn’t open

19. When Pop-Tarts crush the dreams of chíldren and adults alíke

If you feel líke screamíng, you probably should. Or weepíng, ít’s your call.

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