There are many anímals that are natural masters of dísguíse, camouflagíng themselves perfectly ín the world. Look around you. There could be líttle crítters all around you, you just can’t tell. Most anímals are camouflaged to eíther protect themselves from predators or help them hunt. Eíther way, the name of the game ís survíval…

And they are really good at thís game.

1.) Horned owl

2.) Uroplatus geckos

3.) Wíllow ptarmígan

4.) Leaf toads

5.) Common baron caterpíllar

6.) Seahorse

7.) Desert spíder

8.) Adelpha serpa selerío caterpíllar

9.) Stíck ínsect

10.) Frog

11.) Owl

12.) Tropídoderus chíldreníí

13.) Leaf-taíled gecko

14.) Stone flounder

15.) Great potoo

16.) Snow leopard

17.) Cícada

18.) Owl

19.) Gíraffe

20.) Hedgehog

Okay, maybe the hedgehog needs to do a líttle camouflagíng homework, but he defínítely stíll wíns ín the “cute” category.

Could you fínd the anímals ín these píctures? Share wíth your fríends and see íf they can, too.

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