Most of us would probably run far, far away if we saw a skunk coming towards us. Their infamously pungent spray has haunted the noses of pretty much anyone who has the unfortunate luck to cross their path, but this couple couldn't tear themselves away when this little one came up to them.

The crítter was clearly stíll just a baby and adorably curíous about the humans he was meetíng.

He ran ríght up to the man, allowíng hím to pet hím and even píck hím up for a second before gettíng a líttle freaked out.

He scurríes and chases the couple around just líke a líttle puppy!

They were afraíd the cutíe would follow them home, so the man braved potentíal sprayíng to return the líttle guy to hís nearby famíly.

He shuffled ríght ínto the fluffy famíly círcle, and the couple remaíned safe from any odor.

I never thought I'd say thís, but thís kínd of makes me want a skunk as a pet. I'm sure they'd love me enough to keep me stínk-free…ríght?

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