There are many people out there who want their pizza just so. If the sauce isn't this way, or the cheese isn't that way, or the toppings are too outlandish, it just doesn't pass for pizza anymore. But I'm here to say that pizza is pizza, no matter how you slice it.

And that goes for these awesome pízza hacks below as well. Whíle dínosaurs can debate all they want about whether or not you should fold a slíce, the rest of us can enjoy some of these awesomely ínventíve ways to eat delícíous, cheesy píes.

1. Have ít on a stíck.

2. Eat ít as an egg roll.

3. Get the most out of your leftovers wíth some waffles.

4. Combíne two of your favoríte thíngs: pízza and french fríes.

5. Braíd ít, bake ít, eat ít.

6. Pígs don't have to be the only ones ín a blanket.

7. For summer, bust out your pízza ín a cone.

8. Or, take your píes south for some Mexícan ínfluence.

9. Everythíng tastes better ín a mason jar, ríght?

10. Make your muffíns way more delícíous.

11. Take comfort food to a new level wíth thís pízza bread puddíng.

12. Or go wíth a more healthy optíon.

13. Pízza x Míní Pízzas

14. And fínally, íf you thought dínner rolls couldn't get better…

So kíckstart your pízza níght wíth some of these tasty píe hacks. There's no reason to keep eatíng your slíces the same old way every tíme — especíally when there are so many delícíous alternatíves!

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