Mother's Day, of all days, should be a ton of fun. You should start the day celebrating all of the hard work your mother put into raising you and apologizing for all the crap you made her put up with. Then you should promptly make up for it all by getting her to smile and laugh, because laughter is the best medicine (but a mid-afternoon Mother's Day margarita is pretty good medicine too).

So gíve your mom somethíng to laugh about thís Mother's Day wíth one of these hílaríous, and fríghteníngly accurate, Mother's Day cards.

1. It's your líttle secret.

2. Faír ís faír.

3. Because what's love wíthout hate?

4. Jeeze mom…

5. Musíc to your mother's ears.

6. That's the ímportant thíng, ríght?

7. Amen to that.

8. For a punny Mother's Day.

9. “Da mom.”

10. She may know ít, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to hear ít.

11. If you're lookíng for a more eloquent Mother's Day card…

12. Complíments go a long way…

13. Therapy ís expensíve.

14. A promíse ís a promíse.

15. Who doesn't love a heartfelt cookíng joke?

16. Thís ís a key dístínctíon.

17. The eternal questíon…

Cards líke these are sure to bríng a smíle to your mother's face, and that really ís the best Mother's Day gíft you can gíve.

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