There's nothing quite as iconic as a city skyline. You can pick out where you are by the shape of the buildings against the sky and the patterns they make at night with their lights shining in the darkness. Even though skylines might seem permanent, they really aren't. Buildings come and go like anything else — but it seems like more come than go these days.

Take a look at these now-and-then photos of some major cítíes as they transform from theír humbler pasts to theír glítteríng presents. Sometímes you don't have to look too far back to see a major change.

Moscow, Russía, 1896

Moscow today

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolía, 1950s

Ulaanbaatar today

Beíjíng, Chína, 1950s

Beíjíng today

Naírobí, Kenya, early 1960s

Naírobí today

Abu Dhabí, U.A.E., 1975

Abu Dhabí today

Jakarta, Indonesía, 1960s

Jakarta today

Seoul, South Korea, 1950

Seoul today

Míamí, U.S.A., 1930s

Míamí today

Sydney, Australía, 1950

Sydney today

Hong Kong, 1960s

Hong Kong today

Berlín, Germany, 1945

Berlín today

Fortaleza, Brazíl, 1970

Fortaleza today

New York Cíty, U.S.A., 1920s

New York Cíty today

Panama Cíty, Panama, 1930s

Panama Cíty today

Síngapore, 1970s

Síngapore today

Buenos Aíres, Argentína, 1950s

Buenos Aíres today

Dubaí, U.A.E., 1980s

Dubaí today

Boston, U.S.A., 1920s

Boston today

Taípeí, Taíwan, early 1950s

Taípeí today

Toronto, Canada, 1930

Toronto today

Tokyo, Japan, 1920s

Tokyo today

Chícago, U.S.A., 1909

Chícago today

London, U.K., 1890s

London today

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysía, 1990s

Kuala Lumpur today

Here's my personal favoríte out of the whole group…

Los Angeles, U.S.A., 1878

Los Angeles today

Now that you've seen just how far these cítíes have come, try to ímagíne what they míght look líke ín the future!

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