We humans aren’t the only ones trying to beat the heat now that summer is officially in full swing.

Keeping our fluffy (or feathery!) animal friends comfortable as the temperature climbs higher and higher can be a daunting task, especially when you see your energy bill after just a few weeks of cranking the A/C. But the simplest solution is also one of the cutest: grab a kiddie pool and let your little friends go to town!

And if you’ve got a full pool of your own, don’t be surprised to find some guests taking advantage of the welcoming waters…

1. Just a couple a bros keeping cool.

2. “Belly flop? Don’t mind if I do!”

3. “You even got our favorite color!”

4. “Okay little human, you were right. This isn’t so bad…”

5. “This custom personal pool was worth every penny.”

6. “You can have a turn on the floaty later…or never.”

7. “Now I can finally do my water Jazzercise routine.”

8. Even the other pup is in awe of this majesty.

9. “Okay, I’m ready to go down the slide again.”

10. “Best. Day. Ever.”

11. This doxie has all the moxie.

12. “This is good. This is everything.”

13. “Please don’t tell the other cats how much I like this.”

14. I just wish we could see his little legs paddling!

15. “Okay, kids, but just ten more minutes.”

16. “Can I get a refill?”

17. “Just wait ’til they see this splash…”

18. “I don’t think I really felt joy until this moment.”

19. “Watch me do a backflip off his shoulder.” “No way!”

20. Meet the chillest llama in the world:

21. “Hurry up with the sunscreen, man!”

22. “I can’t wait to pee in this!”

23. “I love you. Oh sorry, not you, I was talking to the water.”

24. Tennis ball + kiddie pool = heaven

25. “Come on, slowpoke!”

26. “Where is that waitress with my mojito?”

27. “Hey, there’s room for both of us!”

28. “I’m so happy, I might not even pee in the house today!”

29. You don’t need a huge pool to make a big splash.

30. Improvising works just as well as the real thing!

31. “Mom! Mom! Did you see that splash? Mom!”

32. “Come on in, it feels great!”

33. “This is even better than last year’s!”

34. “I totally found it first.” “Shut up, we found it at the same time!”

35. And of course, no pool party would be complete without a dear friend stopping by…

I feel like I just took a few refreshing laps around the pool myself. Thank goodness these cuties will have no trouble keeping cool!

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