It seems like everywhere you look, more and more people are opting to go small — tiny, even. The tiny house movement might seem impractical, but going tiny is, well, huge.

It may seem daunting to downsize to such a small residence, especially if you’re used to having a larger space. If you’re still interested in checking out what it would be like to live small, though, there’s good news. Airbnb includes an available tiny house, posted by user Hannah, that anyone can stay in to see what the big deal about living small is all about.

Hannah built her house herself, using a template provided by Tumbleweed, a company that specializes in tiny home construction.

This model is called “Cypress,” and includes a basic layout and exterious materials, but allows the builder to personalize the interior for a unique home. Hannah called her home “Maiden Mansion,” and affixed it with wheels so that she could relocate it if needed.

Maiden Mansion is located in Seattle, near the city’s downtown area. Like all tiny homes, it seems impossible to live in when viewed from the outside. How could everything possibly fit? Well, like all tiny houses, Maiden Mansion is a triumph of storage and hidden compartments that pack away everything you need for comfortable living.

The living room, with plenty of seating and a cozy atmosphere.

There’s even a fireplace!

All told, the shelving in this house can hold over 100 books.

The kitchen includes a sink, two burners, a convection oven, refrigerator, and a microwave.

Oh, and there’s a washer and dryer, too.

When it’s time to eat, the dining table folds out.

Above the kitchen is the loft, with some extra shelving serving as a low wall for added privacy.

Naturally, the stairs double as extra storage as well, and they even light up at night so inhabitants can move around safely.

You can never have enough books.

Especially not with such apt reading material!

The bedroom is upstairs, and is lit by a skylight for an airy, natural feeling.

Downstairs, the couches in the living area can be converted into a spare bed for guests.

Skylights and large windows make the small space seem more open, and provide lots of natural light.

On her Airbnb page, Hannah says that she built the tiny house not for herself, but for people interested in living small who were not yet sure if they really wanted to take the plunge. Hannah lives in the area, and she’s also more than happy to talk with guests about the joys of living small, but she’s also cool with leaving visitors to their own devices.

If you’re looking for a little getaway, you might want to give Maiden Mansion a chance!

Maiden Mansion comes with much more than the average motel room, and for $99 per night, it’s a steal! Plus it’s a lot cuter.

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