Despite suffering from both glaucoma (an eye ailment that may lead to blindness) and Cushing’s disease (a condition that comes from high cortisol and can result in depression, loss of muscle, and osteoporosis), one perpetually smiling pup manages to maintain an equally sunny attitude. Cinnamon has become quite the celebrity because of her particularly happy face, with strangers stopping his mom, Ashley, and dad, Andrew, on the street all the time to inquire about the shiba inu’s gleeful grin.

Here’s the whole bright-eyed family.

Cinnamon is an 11-year-old cuddle buddy who needs lots of love and attention from her parents.

If she’s left alone at home, or across the room during TV time, she’ll mope until one of them gets up to pick her up and plop her right down in the middle.

That’s right, this old pup is lazy as ever, but her parents aren’t about to just leave her there in the corner whimpering, just because she’s stubborn! Would you?

Andrew got Cinnamon in 2004, when she was just six months old.

…But now she’s going to be the flower girl in her parents’ wedding!

She is very excited…but of course, she always looks pretty pumped.

Even when she’s feeling sleepy, she’s grinning ear to ear.

Unless her parents are getting ready to go out the door, this resilient pup is smiling that happy face for the whole world to enjoy!

For more of Cinnamon and her happy family, you can follow her on Instagram. Who wouldn’t want this smiling face popping up on their feed every so often? It’s a surefire way to brighten anyone’s day!

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