As summertime draws to a close, everyone’s trying to squeeze in as much sunshine as humanly (or otherwise) possible. Whether your jam is lying in the grass with a good book in the public park, taking a hike, going for a long run, staking out the ice cream truck, or lying out on your roof, I’m sure you’re trying to get some quality time with the nice weather before everything turns to ice.

These furry friends are with you, but their favorite summer oasis? The beach, of course!

1. Don’t need a conch to hear the ocean from here!

2. Which one of you took my sunscreen?


   3. “Will you SPF my tummy? I can’t reach.”

4. This guy’s more of a flying fish than a puppy!

5. Once a beach bum, always a beach bum.

6. “I got sand in my mouth, but I don’t even care.”

7. “I like sand, do you?”

8. Beach naps > any other naps.

9. Whoever told you that Mr. Cottontail didn’t enjoy a good beach day was a straight-up liar.

10. Easy there, fella.

11. Classic water-in-the-ear shot.

12. You’re NEVER too old for the beach.

13. “Unhand me, human, I need to feel the sand between my paw pads!”

14. Classic. Just…classic.

15. SOMEone’s excited.

16. Don’t stare straight at the sun, pup.


18. “Shotgun for the blue boogie board! It brings out my eyes!”

19. The next cover of Trunks Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.

20. “We really should’ve brought the kite.”

21. That cool sand and warm sun combo is sooooo nice.

22. “It just keeps going, so I just keep running! I could run forever!”

23. Tiny beached whale? Or giant, happy pooch?

24. “Care for a boat ride? That’ll be $30.”

25. “This is the most majestic litter box I’ve ever seen in my whole long life.”

These cuties are having the times of their lives. Maybe it’s time to take a hint and enjoy the days you have left, instead of missing what you haven’t even experienced yet.

Take a beach trip before it’s too late! Take your fur baby, too, please.



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