When you see a small, four-legged animal playfully chasing after a human, what do you think it is? A dog? Maybe an extra-friendly cat?

In this case, it’s something else entirely, but it’s still pretty much the cutest thing we’ve seen in a while.

From a distance, this looks like a guy playing with a tiny dog.

It loves to chase him around. But…something looks strange.

Is that…?

Yes, yes it is. That is a baby miniature horse — a mini mini horse, if you will. This is Sammy, and he is only three days old.

And who’s that down in the lower right of the frame?

It’s mom! She’s a miniature horse, too. Her name is Grace.

Watch all the adorableness here:

And you can see more mini madness here:

It’s a mini family!

In case you’re wondering, miniature horses have been bred since the 1840s, and were once used to work in mines. Their mini size made them able to navigate the small shafts. They were also kept as pets by nobility throughout history. And we can see why they’ve been around for so long — they’re adorable! They are also, when bred in proper conditions, perfectly healthy. Today, many are used as service animals.

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