Mississippi photographer and stay-at-home mom Melissa Vincent always wanted to show people across the world the magical side of her home state. When she discovered social media and Instagram in 2011, she soon realized that she could bring her visions to life with the tap of a finger. Vincent started her artistic journey using an iPhone 4 with a broken screen, and has honed her craft (and updated her phone) over the years so that she can now craft perfectly surreal images with her fingertips.
Using a number of apps, Vincent creates these dreamlike scenes of her home state.

Eventually, her photographs caught the attention of thousands, and she now has 400 thousand followers on Instagram. Vincent was also hired by National Geographic and Tourism Ireland, traveling with them to various parts of the world to create even more magical images.

Most people assume that Photoshop comes into the making of these images, but Vincent says that’s not the case. “I wouldn’t be able to navigate Photoshop even if I owned it!” she says.

Instead, Vincent uses only mobile imaging apps. Her tools so far include Snapseed, Superimpose, Alien Sky, Circular, Facetune, Flood, and Retouch. She also created the hashtag “#createdoniphone,” and her own term for this kind of photography — iPhoneography.

The apps Vincent uses allow her to manipulate colors and shapes, to superimpose elements of other photos, and to reshape the land and sky to make a completely new landscape.

Vincent draws her inspiration from the world around her, namely, her home in Mississippi and its landscape.

“My work is influenced by living in the South. I was born and raised in Mississippi and still live here today,” she says. “My goal has always been to show a different side of Mississippi to the world. I want the viewer to go on a visual trip with me to Oz when they look at my images.”

She also says that movies and music inspire her work, too.


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