Ah, college. Those beer-soaked days masquerading as academic study. We kid, we kid, we know that college is a time of great learning and personal growth. And if you’re living in a dorm, that personal growth includes learning to manage a household (kind of, anyway).

These simple tricks will make dorm life (and beyond) a little smoother for everyone.

1. Store pens and pencils in an old toilet paper tube…

2. …or an old soda can.

Cut the top off and fold down the sharp edges.

3. For the first week of class, set your phone’s lock screen to your class schedule.

(As seen here, this works for high school kids, too.)

4. Wrap your Mac power cord correctly.

5. Use a Tic Tac container to catch pencil shavings.

This is perfect if you only have one of those stupid sharpeners with no container attachment. Why do they even make those?!

6. Color code your notebooks for easy identification.

7. Use a Solo cup to amplify your iPad speakers.

8. They work for iPod or iPhone speakers, too.

9. Use a hanger as a paper towel holder.

You’ll need to sacrifice one by snipping an opening into it.

10. Stack folded shirts vertically so you save space and are able to see everything.

This is, of course, assuming you’ll be folding your clothes. Fold your clothes, kids.

11. Dryer sheets + box fan = air freshener

Trust us, you’ll get sick of that old-sock-and-junk-food smell after a while, too.

12. Use a pizza box as a dust pan.

You’ll have pizza boxes and you’ll have crud on the floor. Make the most of them.

13. Keep your laptop cool with an egg carton.

14. Store a 12-pack easily in a minifridge.

A 12-pack of soda, mom. Of course soda. Nothing other than soda.

15. A pen can double as a chip clip.

16. Cook pasta in a coffee maker.

17. You can also cook in a coffee pot on an iron.

Okay, this might be against dorm regulations, but it’s worth knowing, right?

18. Use old containers as bowls.

19. Guests and no plates? Use a pizza box.

20. An old CD tower is perfect for organizing bath supplies.

You don’t have to screw it into the wall. Put it anywhere.

21. Shoe holders work well, too.

22. If you’re sharing a shower with the whole floor, invest in some waterproof sandals.

Foot fungus is not fun.

23. Keep your toiletries together with a handy tote.

24. Magnetic paper clip holders are perfect for bobby pins.

25. Keep everyone’s things separate with labeled jars.

Never grab the wrong toothbrush again.

So these little tips might not help with things like a roommate who snores like a jackhammer or insists on having seances in the living room (both real-life experiences. College is great!), but they will make your life a little bit easier. Come finals week, you’ll thank us.

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