If you’re anything like me, your makeup case is a sparkle-dusted, cluttered abyss of eye shadows, lipsticks, and any other awesome product you can fit inside the always-overflowing bag.

The only solution? Think outside the bag and onto the board. This super easy DIY project uses magnets to keep cosmetics organized and easy to find. No more digging through mountains of foundation for your favorite lip gloss!

This Redditor first purchased a chalkboard at Target for only $11.

You can use any cheap gift wrap for a custom background.

Measure your paper and trim it to fit within the frame.

Use Mod Podge to secure it to the board — but watch out for bubbles!

She admitted she went a little overboard with her attempt.

But the bubbles don’t really look too bad from far away.

Besides, they’ll be covered up with makeup soon.

These magnets aren’t super strong, so it might take a few on the bigger items for a secure hold.

Glue the buttons onto the backs of your makeup.

Ta-da! Totally organized, easy to access, clutter-free makeup.

You can always add more boards or even go mega-sized, depending on the number of products in your collection. Either way, your morning routine will be totally revolutionized.

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