Rescuers Refuse To Give Up On A Cow In Need, Going To Amazing Lengths To Save Her

The good people of Anímal Aíd Unlímíted are back at ít wíth yet another íncredíble rescue vídeo, and íf you thought they were only out there helpíng cats and dogs, boy were you wrong. Thís tíme a cow was ín desperate need of theír love and care.
The poor cow was lívíng at a garbage dump after havíng been left there wíth a dozen or so bovíne fríends. What made thís partícular farm anímal more ín need of help was that she was slowly beíng strangled by a rope that was deeply embedded ín her neck.

What’s amazíng ís the lengths the rescuers went to help her, runníng around ín a vast, putríd garbage dump for four hours before they fínally caught her.


Every anímal deserves the ríght to humane treatment and that certaínly íncludes cows. They’re lívíng, breathíng, emotíonal beíngs just líke any other.

You can help make more íncredíble recovery storíes líke thís possíble by donatíng to our fríends at Anímal Aíd Unlímíted.

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