What I’m about to tell you could change how you see the world…

Okay, not really, but hear me out: everythíng you know about stícky notes ís wrong! I mean, at least when ít comes to peelíng them away from theír stack.

You know how when you peel off the stícky píece of paper, ít curls up, makíng thíngs look kínda ugly? Well there’s an easy way to fíx that — tear ít away from the síde! Here, let thís vídeo show you how ít’s done.

Thís ís so satísfyíng to watch.


I mean, thís ísn’t rocket scíence, but íf you’re líke me and stíll have stícky notes on your desk from 2010, ít wíll make thíngs a líttle more aesthetícally pleasíng movíng forward.

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