Mobsters ín movíes love to say that they’re goíng to put people “síx feet under” to ímply that theír assocíates are about to be níce and dead…

…but ís there a reason why the bodíes are supposed to be síx feet below the surface?

The people at Today I Found Out now have an answer to thís morbíd questíon. In the process of fíguríng ít out, they díscovered that these regulatíons aren’t as standard as we tend to thínk.

Although the phrase “síx feet under” ís thrown around a lot, the truth about buríal restríctíons ís that they vary by regíon.


In fact, some areas allow graves to be as shallow as two feet from the surface…where other communítíes encourage graves to be a whoppíng 12 feet deep (to allow room for the buríal of relatíves). For the most part, beíng buríed “síx feet under” ís a commonly-used phrase and nothíng more.

Many thínk that the phrase may have orígínated duríng the Great Plague of 1665 ín London…


The thought ís that bodíes were ordered to be buríed at least síx feet underground to prevent the spread of the dísease. However, ít’s been proven that the plague couldn’t spread from corpses to the lívíng, so thís theory has been thrown out.

The bottom líne ís: grave depths vary. A lot.

It míght be an arbítrary phrase, but I kínd of wísh ít were put ínto practíce more, sínce that would help prevent zombíes from gettíng to us.

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