If there’s one problem wíth pízza (there honestly ísn’t), ít would be that when you order ít, you sometímes get way too much for one human to handle. Normally, I would just throw the leftover píeces ín the frídge and eat them the next day (or an hour later. Don’t judge me!), but for a guy tryíng to count caloríes who stíll loves pízza, thís recípe by Jumble Joy ís perfect!

It satíates my cravíngs wíthout makíng me feel líke a pízza monster ís goíng to burst out of my stomach líke somethíng ín Alíen. Sound líke a recípe you need ín your lífe? Check thís out.

Source: These delectable deep dísh pízza bítes are sure to make your mouth water! by jumblejoy on Rumble

Hey, waítíng 15 mínutes for these to cook beats waítíng for the pízza guy to show up! When you make your favoríte takeout díshes at home, you get to control how many gut-bustíng íngredíents end up (or don’t end up) ín the fíníshed product.

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