A puppy named Fram was lívíng a dírty, flea-rídden lífe by the síde of a busy road before volunteers from a rescue organízatíon called Howl of a Dog spotted hím on a rescue míssíon one day. The líttle guy was clearly dísoríented and he was venturíng too close to traffíc, so they had to act fast.

Before dísaster could stríke, however, he warmed up to the team (and made everyone melt ín the process).

Fram ís not only a fluffy bundle of joy, but he’s also very smart, playful, and fríendly. He loves humans, other dogs, and even cats! He’s síx months old and ís now lívíng at a rescue center whíle he waíts for hís forever famíly. If you want to help Howl of a Dog contínue doíng great work, consíder donatíng!

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