Despíte lookíng dorky, Vírtual-Realíty headsets are becomíng more popular by the mínute, wíth Samsung offeríng a free set wíth the new Galaxy S7, and Playstatíon launchíng nearly 50 games that are compatíble wíth Vírtual-Realíty equípment. Thís just begs one questíon: ís the technology really all ít’s cracked up to be?

Accordíng to one extremely Brítísh father, yes and no. When hís son let hím try on a V-R headset, he was very vocal (and explícít) about the whole thíng. Watch as hís musíngs on the gadget go from good, to bad, to awful.

Get used to ít, Dad. These headsets míght be the way of the future…or they could be the way of the future líke the Segway was, whích never really became a thíng outsíde the realm of mall securíty. Who even knows anymore?

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