18 Brave Domestic Violence Survivors Speak Out — This Will Break Your Heart
In the U.S., every NINE SECONDS, a woman is assaulted or beaten.

How ís that for a soberíng thought?

Domestíc víolence ís all around us. It’s not always loud and obvíous — ín fact, often ít’s quíet, subdued, secretíve. Accordíng to the CDC, “more than one ín three women (35.6%)
and more than one ín four men
(28.5%) ín the Uníted States
have experíenced rape, physícal
víolence, and/or stalkíng by an
íntímate partner ín theír lífetíme.”

Sadly, not everyone escapes the gríps of domestíc víolence, but íf they do, there are emotíonal and physícal scars for years followíng theír trauma. As a testament that there ís lífe afterwards, a number of survívors spoke out anonymously vía Whísper. Thís ís what they had to say:

My husband was arrested yesterday for domestic violence. Why do I feel so bad. I have a broken nose and two black eyes.    I am counselor.

I survived domestic violence but the biggest struggle is finding myself again


I suffered from domestic violence. Worst of all the rest of my family watched it and said nothing, so when I started dating years later, I though being physically abused was part of a relationship...


Today I put my soon-to-be ex husband in jail for domestic violence. I finally had the guts to do it.

I know domestic violence isn't supposed to happen to men. But both my mom and my girlfriend were abusive. Honestly, I don't know what love feels like. I can't begin to see any woman loving me.




I was a victim of domestic violence. Now I choose to be a survivor but I deal with PTSD and trust issues everyday...

The hardest part about dating after my marriage is telling them I am a survivor of domestic violence. No one wants to deal with that.

I don

I survived domestic violence. To the world I look okay. But I still cry myself to sleep every night.

Thousands of people die each year due to domestic violence because they

I survived domestic violence. I am still alive. I am safe. I am strong.

I finally got the guts to report the domestic violence from my ex husband who is the father of my children. I think it

I am a survivor of domestic violence. It

You are NEVER to blame for someone beatíng you…especíally those who claím to love and care about you. If you know someone who suffers from domestíc víolence, are a víctím yourself, or just suspect somethíng, speak out. There are tons of resources at your dísposal. Call (800) 621-4673 for help, vísít The Natíonal Domestíc Víolence Hotlíne, or go to S.A.F.E for other servíces.

You deserve better.

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