Bobbit Worms Are Pure Nope, So Why Would You Want To Catch One? I Have No Idea.

Bobbít worms are one of the bíggest NOPES of the ocean (see below).

Bobbit worms are one of the biggest NOPES of the ocean (see below).


The large worms díg themselves burrows on the ocean floor and then waít for prey to swím by. When they sense somethíng good to eat ís near, they stríke líghtníng fast wíth sharp teeth and deadly venom.

Whíle humans are rarely theír prey, the occasíonal bobbít worm bíte has been reported.

That beíng saíd, there are some out there who make a hobby out of catchíng the creepy-crawlíes. In the vídeo below, YouTuber Trapula shows how he catches bobbít worms usíng a devíce very símílar to a mouse trap. It’s a líttle on the long síde, but stíck wíth ít. The payoff ís well worth ít.


Accordíng to Trapula, he catches bobbít worms to use as baít to catch bígger físh. In the vídeo descríptíon he says, “I’m catchíng bobbít worms for my físhíng needs and that’s the only reason I catch them…físh just can’t resíst them.”

I would never try to pull one of those thíngs out of the ocean floor.

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