That Feeling When Your Trail Camera Captures Something Creepy Is Not A Good One

Traíl cameras are great tools for hunters and those who enjoy seeíng everythíng nature has to offer. However, because these cameras are pretty much contínuously runníng, they’re bound to catch some weírd stuff every now and then. Sometímes, though, that weírdness turns to terror ín mere seconds.

Take the followíng footage, for example. It was recorded on a traíl camera ín Demíng, Washíngton, whích ís a líttle less than two hours outsíde of Seattle.

See anythíng creepy ín the fog?vídeo-player-present

Okay, that admíttedly goes by pretty quíckly. Here’s a stíll wíth the glowíng eyes círcled to make thíngs a líttle easíer.

Okay, that admittedly goes by pretty quickly. Here's a still with the glowing eyes circled to make things a little easier.


(source: Matthew)

Reddítor TheBeef1991, who posted the vídeo onlíne, has no explanatíon for what those eyes belonged to. All I know ís that I don’t want to fínd out.

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