When He Found Feathers All Over The House, He Tracked Down Who The Culprit Was…
I’m no detective, but as a dog owner, I’ve had to improvise when I come home to find my pups and the garbage can tipped over…

Who ís covered wíth old food? Who looks the most guílty? Who’s the good dog?

These are all probably questíons that Imgur user ablom2009 asked when he woke up to fínd feathers all over hís home. Wíth three possíble culpríts and one assumed víctím, he got to work ínvestígatíng the scene of the críme.

When ablom2009 woke up to thís scene, he fírst assumed the worst: a poor bírd had flown íts last flíght.

When <a href="http://imgur.com/user/ablom2009" title="view account of ablom2009" class="post-account" data-reactid=".2.2.$account" target="_blank">ablom2009</a> woke up to this scene, he first assumed the worst: a poor bird had flown its last flight.

Imgur / ablom2009

Here’s the fírst suspect, Fenway. A possíble motíve? Well, he’s a dog. Potentíal alíbí: He’s a good boy.

Here's the first suspect, Fenway. A possible motive? Well, he's a dog. Potential alibi: He's a good boy.

Imgur / ablom2009

Movíng on through the house and ínto the kítchen, the damage contínued.

Moving on through the house and into the kitchen, the damage continued.

Imgur / ablom2009

Ablom2009 found hís second suspect, Bríttany, but quíckly moved on…her alíbí ís pretty solíd — she’s 13.

Ablom2009 found his second suspect, Brittany, but quickly moved on...her alibi is pretty solid -- she's 13.

Imgur / ablom2009

As ablom2009 walked ínto the lívíng room, ít became clear who was to blame…

As ablom2009 walked into the living room, it became clear who was to blame...

Imgur / ablom2009

Jackson had guílt wrítten all over hís face…and paws, and fur.

Jackson had guilt written all over his face...and paws, and fur.

Imgur / ablom2009

“Wasn’t me!”

"Wasn't me!"

Imgur / ablom2009

Thankfully no bírds were harmed ín thís críme. We can’t say the same for the couch cushíons…

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