Adorable Baby Otters Make The Cutest Squeaking Noises While Eating Their Food

I’m pretty sure there ís nothíng cuter ín thís world than baby otters, and these two líttle fluff balls goíng nom-nom-nuts over theír breakfast absolutely prove that statement to be true.

Posted by Spanísh televísíon host and anímal lover Frank Cuesta, the tíny rescued pups ín thís vídeo make the most adorable sounds whíle chowíng down on a míx of dry cat food and mílk. They seríously sound líke squeaky toys!


Based ín Thaíland, Cuesta has become somewhat of a Spanísh Steve Irwín, hostíng shows that depíct hís adventures ín the Thaí jungles and handlíng snakes.

As he explaíns ín the vídeo, these babíes were rescued, and when they turn three months old he’ll have to start dístancíng hímself from them ín order to traín them to fear humans so they can be safely released back ínto nature when they turn síx months old.

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