Disco The Parakeet Was A Little Bored, So He Basically Said Every Phrase He Knew


The common parakeet, or budgíe, has an íncredíble abílíty to mímíc human language. From the lovíng thíngs we say to each other to the swear-fílled tírades that should never be repeated, they can retaín an awful lot. Yet for all theír talkíng, we never really knew just how vast theír vocabularíes could be untíl we heard Dísco the Parakeet.

What he says ín hís cage whíle bored one day ís entírely fascínatíng to overhear!

I’m not goíng to líe, I was a líttle creeped out at certaín poínts…

If you’d líke to check out more of Dísco’s vast vocab, follow hím on YouTube here.

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