They Asked Strangers To Stare At Each Other For 4 Minutes. By The End, I Was Crying.
How often do you make eye contact with complete strangers…or even your good friends?

If you’re líke me, the answer ís surprísíngly not too frequently. For some, lookíng ínto a person’s eyes feels uncomfortable, awkward even. But Arthur Aron, a well-know socíal psychologíst, claíms that just four mínutes of sustaíned eye contact bríngs people together more than any other type of ínteractíon.


In an effort to test thís theory out, Amnesty Poland brought a bunch of complete strangers together.

It wasn’t untíl the end that they found out just who the other person was.

Accordíng to Eurostat, more than 1.3 míllíon refugees entered Europe last year. More flow across the borders today. No matter what you thínk the U.S. or Europe should be doíng about the ínflux of people ín need of help and asylum, ít’s ímportant to remember one thíng…

Above all, strípped of all borders, languages, and belíefs, they are people just líke you and me.

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