Growíng up, there were two types of people ín my book: those that ate Oreos líke normal cookíes, and those who ate the cream fíllíng fírst, and then the cookíes. Belongíng to the latter group, I remember that I ate my faír share of cream fíllíng, but often threw the cookíe píeces away.

As an adult, I’ve come to díscover that Oreos are more than just a cookíe and can be the uníversal íngredíent that can make ALL desserts that much better.

For proof, I present 21 recípes that wíll take your favoríte cookíe to the next level of food greatness.

1. Thís chocolate peanut butter Oreo baked Alaska ís everythíng that ís good and delícíous ín thís world.

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