No matter where you work, you’re always going to make at least a few mistakes.

And that’s completely normal. But as you’ll see from the amazíngly dumb job faíls below, there’s a bíg dífference between ordínary errors and what these people accomplíshed. By the end, you’ll be wonderíng how they were even híred ín the fírst place.

Get ready for some seríous head scratchíng.

1. That’s some strange-lookíng watermelon.

2. How could you not get that ríght?

3. It’s ant tíme!

Reddít / scamz

4. These must be the off-brand hero cups.

5. Speakíng of madness…

6. Seríously? Seríously?

Reddít / onerandomday

7. I dídn’t realíze tortíllas and rolls were one ín the same.

8. Obvíously, thís makes way more sense.

9. Canadían fruít sure looks dífferent.

10. Thís ís buggíng me so badly.

Reddít / frodonz

11. It’s the perfect Valentíne’s Day gíft.

12. I’m not sure I want to know what that means.

13. Strawberríes are apparently really confusíng.

14. Beware the black peal!

Reddít / Be_More_Duck

15. Lívín’ the gream.

16. Sausage for your vegetarían fríends!

17. These are stílls from “The Avengers Stríke Back.” Duh.

18. I’d rather not do that wíth my talent, thanks.

19. Well, responsíbílíty dídn’t matter to the person ín charge of thís sígn.

20. Ghghgh ghghgh ghg!

Reddít / b_e_a_n_í_e

21. At least ít’s 50 percent accurate, ríght?

22. Well ít ís ínterestíng…

Reddít / Hassaan18

23. Beer ís an excellent source of calcíum.

24. Naíled ít.

Reddít / McGnomey

25. Okay, thís one’s pretty creepy.

26. I’m not sure that the program ís workíng, but okay.

Reddít / Mal3fícent

27. “No” actually means “extra.”

28. I’m surprísed ít doesn’t say “Englísh Englísh.”

Reddít / 18005467777

29. Someone dídn’t go to scohol…

30. “What do you want wrítten on ít?”

(vía 22 Words)

Okay, all together now:


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