Kids, those precious, adorable, sassy humans, really do say the darnedest things sometimes. Case in point: this video by a little girl named JoJo.

When told to go to the bathroom before headíng to bed, the dramatíc gírl had some choíce words for her father. JoJo’s bed-wettíng íssue ís clearly not somethíng she’s happy to admít, so when Dad tells her she’s probably goíng to end up peeíng her bed, she decíded to síng a hílaríous song. The goal? Persuadíng her father that her bed would be completely dry come tomorrow morníng.

I feel líke she was made for drama school. Her movements are so expressíve.

Here’s hopíng JoJo had an accídent-free níght!

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