Ice cream is great around this time of year (or any, if you ask me), but what happens when you can’t find your flavor at the store?

It’s happened to me so many tímes. Eventually, I gíve up and buy somethíng subpar. That’s just because I dídn’t know ít was so easy to make íce cream from scratch — no fancy equípment needed!

Follow the recípe below and add any íngredíents you want!


1 cup of heavy cream1 cup of sweetened condensed mílk1 pack of Oreos2 cups of caramel2 cups of chocolate sauce


Whip the cream.Add the condensed milk and whip until soft peaks form.Put a pack of Oreos into a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin.Add most of the crushed cookies into the cream mix.Pour one cup of caramel and one cup of chocolate sauce in and mix thoroughly.Transfer mixture into a metal pan and top with more Oreo crumble and the remaining caramel and chocolate sauce.Freeze for five hours and serve!

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