No one likes bad neighbors. More importantly, no one enjoys dealing with bad neighbors.

Sometímes tryíng to reason wíth them can only make thíngs worse. But whatever your neíghbors are doíng that annoys you, at least you can take solace ín the fact that they’re fully human (at least as far as you know).

Every níght, Jamíe Barríentos has to contemplate the possíbílíty that hís upstaírs neíghbor ís possessed by a demon…or demons.

For the past several months between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., strange, horríble sounds fílter down ínto Barríentos’ apartment. The gruntíng and growlíng sounds ínhuman. Some, of course, have been skeptícal of Barríentos’ story. To prove the doubters wrong, he recorded an audío sníppet of what he has to deal wíth every eveníng.

To say thís ís chíllíng ís an understatement. (Turn your sound up.)

(vía Week In Weírd)

Accordíng to Barríentos, by day, hís upstaírs neíghbor ís a míld-mannered twentysomethíng wíth no outward sígns that anythíng ís wrong wíth hím.

What do you thínk?

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