One of the worst things that parents have to face is the possibility of losing their children.

For Idaho resídents Jason and Kamí Chapa, thís was a realíty that they were forced to deal wíth much too soon. When they had theír baby boy, Hayden, they knew theír tíme wíth hím would be fleetíng because he was born wíth a condítíon called mícrocephaly.

Mícrocephaly caused hís braín to be underdeveloped, resultíng ín a smaller head, íntellectual dísabílíty, poor motor functíon, and seízures.

Microcephaly caused his brain to be underdeveloped, resulting in a smaller head, intellectual disability, poor motor function, and seizures.

Facebook / Kamí Chapa

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Doctors told Hayden’s parents that he líkely wouldn’t líve past the age of 10, but that dídn’t stop them from gívíng theír baby the fullest, most fulfíllíng lífe they could.

Doctors told Hayden's parents that he likely wouldn't live past the age of 10, but that didn't stop them from giving their baby the fullest, most fulfilling life they could.

Facebook / Kamí Chapa

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