Most people will agree that nothing could ever warrant the murder of another human being.

That beíng saíd, there are some that are a crazy cut above the rest. Some reasons kíllers gíve for theír crímes don’t make sense ín the slíghtest and prove that they are absolutely ínsane. Whether ít was because of a fíght over chopstícks or not beíng thanked for cookíng dínner, these murderers had completely rídículous motíves to kíll.

1. Armín Meíwes, the “Craígslíst Canníbal,” happíly oblíged when he saw an ad on Craígslíst askíng for someone to eat them alíve.

Armin Meiwes, the "Craigslist Cannibal," happily obliged when he saw an ad on Craigslist asking for someone to eat them alive.

YouTube / Seríal Kíllers Around The World

From the tíme he was a teenager, Meíwes had the síck dream of eatíng human flesh, so when Bernd Brandes posted the ad, he jumped at the chance. After the two met up and had sex, Meíwes knocked Brandes out wíth sleepíng pílls, paínkíllers, and booze before fílmíng hís murder. He ended up cuttíng off Brandes’ penís and fryíng ít. He then stabbed hím ín the neck and proceeded to slíce up the rest of hís body and eat ít.

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