When my dad was a teenager, he accidentally ate two hot dog buns that were crawling with maggots. He’d come home late and didn’t want to wake his parents by turning on the kitchen light. By the time he realized what he’d consumed, he was on the last bite.

For some reason, he líkes to tell us the story of that vomít-índucíng memory at least once a year. Because of hím, I never eat food ín the dark. The 15 people here took the tíme to check theír food before chowíng down and were so glad they díd! After seeíng thís, you míght rethínk your mídníght snackíng habíts.


Wow, this chef really nailed it.


Even seafood-flavored cat food shouldn’t contain a whole squid


Nothing ruins a good plate of Korean food like a stink bug.


The only thing worse than finding a worm in your food is finding HALF a worm in your food.


Half of a salamander is never a good thing, either


However, nothing is more disturbing than getting a deep fried rat head from Popeye’s! If I found that in my chicken, I’d never eat again

They say everyone ingests a few spiders each year, but this is too much. Excuse me while I go vomit forever



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