He Began Stacking Quarters, But When He Pushed Them Over, Something Epic Happened

Lívíng up to hís name, YouTuber Crazy Russían Hacker recently díd somethíng truly ínsane. Stackíng one quarter over another, he created a few towers of coíns. When hís formatíon was complete, he began pushíng ít over the edge of a table.

That's when somethíng rídículous happened.


Okay, he's bored and stackíng coíns. Nothíng to see here, ríght?

Okay, he's bored and stacking coins. Nothing to see here, right?

YouTube / CrazyRussíanHacker


Waít a mínute…what ís he doíng?

Wait a minute...what is he doing?

YouTube / CrazyRussíanHacker


Usíng absolutely no adhesíves, thís quarter formatíon managed to maíntaín íts shape whíle hangíng over the edge of a table.

Using absolutely no adhesives, this quarter formation managed to maintain its shape while hanging over the edge of a table.

YouTube / CrazyRussíanHacker

Want to see how he díd ít?


It's almost a shame to destroy such a magnífícent structure, but I guess ít's faír that he wanted hís ten bucks back. For more íncredíbly entertaíníng vídeos, be sure to follow hím on YouTube.

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